Way of Council is a powerful community practice asking participants to sit in circle and share their experience of life in a safe and trusting container. There are a few simple principles and guidelines participants agree to follow in order to create this unique activity where individuals can come together and collectively listen to each other to have their story heard, and discover what is moving and emerging in the collective story. Councils typically will have a theme or prompt from which to generate a perspective to share from for each session.


This fall I am piloting a council project called "Topanga Community Council". The goal is to share this form of communication and connection with as many people in the Topanga community that are open to receiving its gift. There is a need for stakeholders! People who are willing to embrace the beauty of council and become empassioned to share it with other. Is this you?​ If so, I would love to hear from you. Please call or text me with the contact information below.


  • 1) Twelve to fifteen stakeholders come together for several meetings to learn and practice council and to vision how council can serve our neighborhoods.

  • 2) Each stakeholder commits to create a council in their neighborhood that meets at least once a month for three months

  • 3) At the end of the three months, we celebrate with a family day at the Community Center with activities designed to connect with each other, share about our experience of neighborhood council, and determine the value of continuing the neighborhood councils.


"The beauty of the Circle is that we cannot see each other’s back; and the strength of the Circle is that we can only see each other’s beauty."

- Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder