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Undeniable Integrity

with Shawn Berry


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Nature's Undeniable Integrity 

A coyote will always behave like a coyote. A poppy flower will always bloom as a poppy flower.

When it comes to undeniable integrity, nature is our greatest teacher.

We also have undeniable integrity, but often we make concessions, transgressing ourselves

in order to "move forward" in the world. Our material achievements may come to reflect

our vision of success, but deep inside, we know they do not reflect who we truly are.


What it Takes

Developing integrity that won't be denied requires courage, discipline, hard work, support, and

a reawakened desire to fully embody your vital, passionate self. Are you ready to begin?


Getting Off the Ground

When a hawk takes flight, it must commit to the integrity of the act. Anything less jeopardizes the essence of

what makes a soaring hawk so inspiring to witness. Undeniable integrity gets you off the ground and

soaring within your own life; inspiring those around you who witness the gift of your courage.

My Role

Each session I listen, mirror back, ask questions, suggest activities, give assignments, challenge beliefs, make distinctions, examine stories, diagram words, give assignments, track progress,

and hold accountability for you. Together we'll map out the truth of your integrity

and develop practices and routines to help you live by that truth.

What is the program?

We can work in person, or on video calls. Sessions are always comprised of work in three domains:

Nature connection, archetypal exploration and creative process. In essence, there is no "program."

Each person I work with enters into an exclusive, tailored process focused on self-discovery

in a safe container anchored in listening, curiosity, creativity and intuition. 

Process series are typically 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months.

About Me

Transformative, nature based guidance for 25+ years

Real growth must be real fun for real results

Compassionate Direct Creative Curious

Nature teaches. You learn. I facilitate

About You

Ready to do passionate, real, personal work

Ready to develop a relationship with nature

Willing to be uncomfortable and vulnerable

Ready to prioritize your personal growth

Let's talk

Are we a good match to work together? Let's find out. You can reach me through the contact information below by text, phone or email to schedule a discovery conversation; first one's on me. I look forward to it!


Shawn Berry

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