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Panautology mentoring is a dynamic, inquiry-based, conversation unique to each individual. Its design is to guide and support a conscious and meaningful journey through the modern world within an intrinsically aligned and deeply rooted connection to nature and the planet we live on. Panautology translates to "the study of self through the study of everything;" but you won't find this word in the dictionary. The naming of this process is indicative of the creativity and imagination that is inherent in the process. In Greek mythology, Pan is known as an intermediary between the world here on Earth and the higher realms and this holds two images for me. One, the image of having a guide or, perhaps more neutrally said - a reference point, from which to engage the natural world. The second image is "pan" in the sense of everything or all; "panorama," for example.  "Auto" refers to self.

In bringing these words together into one concept the intent is to create a vitalized domain to observe one's life  with open potential to engage from any perspective. Discussions, activities, and experiences are co-designed to creatively examine and clarify the beliefs, paradigms and models we act upon as we navigate a harmonic, authentic life experience through our challenges and successes as a human on the Earth. For more insight into what exactly mentoring is, you can read more here.

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician." - Paracelsus

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