The moon  illuminates the feminine attributes from the light reflected by the masculine sun. New moon brings men an opportunity to examine for a night our own dark recesses, the parts of us neglected and unnoticed in the shadows. The new moon is a blank slate from which we can scribe anew our commitment to pursue balance; revealing the beauty of our own sacred feminine within and alongside our sacred masculine.


Together we will create a ceremony with sharing, witnessing and celebrating.  We will sit in council for our sharing. This ceremony culminates with a ritual, giving each man a opportunity to initiate a commitment to be held until the next new moon, and perhaps beyond.

Men's New Moon Ceremony  |  $20

6 | 3  Monday, June 3rd  |   6:30pm 

Explore the power of the new moon with a circle of men through ceremony and ritual on a monthly basis.


No one turned away for lack of funds.